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Some years back everyone was “writing off” Avid as being finished, and a spent force.
They make an array of products beautifully engineered and tailored for the professional Post Production and Broadcast industries.
Back in 2013 Louis Hernandez Jr.took over as CEO of Avid and has transformed the Company.

Avid are now back on track and a force to be reckoned with, creating collaborative partnerships, one announced recently with Adobe (potential arch-enemy) but a good move. So on to why I am writing this post in the first place.  I personally do a lot of editing (badly!) but tools are now affordable and workflows are efficient and streamlined.  I have both Media Composer 8.xx on a dongle so is transportable, not machine dependent and of course Protools 12 on a Pace iLok.

I totally love the Avid S6 which is a dream ticket to audio nirvana.
Avid S6 control surface
Now for personal use am especially interested in the Avid S3 offering.
Avid S3 control surface

My future home setup:

Now sometime in the future as the S3 and the new app “PTControl” all works via Eucon, which is Avid’s proprietary networking protocol then I ran a trial setup at home as follows.

Running the above app “PT Control” on my iPad connected up via Wi-Fi to my Mac Pro 12 core machine.

Still testing this out and need to consider buying an S3 to complement this setup.  So this could be a real time saver when they bring out the “Media composer” app so I can run a whole heap of shortcuts with my video editor.

Amazing technology and thoroughly enjoyable.