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Audio interviews

Mainly from the 1990's

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    Audio Interviews mainly from the 1990’s

    Listening back to some of these celebrities is interesting.
    To hear about their experiences and the films – creative media they have worked on is fascinating. There are some connections for example Jose Feliciano listening to Connie Francis when he was much younger.
    How the famous actors knew each other like Sir Dirk Bogarde,  Sir John Mils or Sir John Gielgud.
    One I thought was great was during Sir Dirk Bogarde’s interview he talks about meeting Peter Ustinov during the war and how they teamed up together and became firm friends after that.

    All audio has been cleaned up to the best standard we can and editing was done in
    Adobe Audition
    from the
    Adobe Creative Cloud.
    Videos were prepared in Adobe Premiere Pro.
    The seamless integration between Adobe products is something extremely significant for ‘Creators” who needs to create media and save time/be efficient.
    Highly recommended.
    Link can be found here.
    Adobe Creative Cloud

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